Women's Health

PBP offers the premier women's health program in Florida. Our women's health offering is comprehensive and highly specialized to the unique needs of our OB/GYN and family practice clients.

Expertise in Gynecologic Pathology
  • Highly qualified and experienced pathologists board-certified in Cytopathology
  • Well-trained, certified cytology technicians
  • Peer review of all malignancies to confirm diagnosis
  • Correlation of histology with previous cytology
  • Expert consultants available for difficult cases at no charge to you or your patient

Superior Service
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Fine Needle Aspiration interpretation with 24 hour call back
  • Pathologists are readily available for physician-to-physician consultations
  • Comprehensive managed care coverage
  • Convenience of specialized requisitions, patient educational materials, and rapid response to inquiries
  • Local and professional courier staff to ensure specimen integrity and safety

Innovative Technologies & Reporting
  • Industry-leading EMR software solutions and Interface programs
  • Web ordering and reporting
  • Proprietary connectivity and reporting IT tools

Advanced Testing
  • Both major iquid-based cytology platforms are available: ThinPrep® and SurePath
  • Image-based technology on both platforms designed to improve turnaround times and diagnostic accuracy
  • 30 in 1 convenience: 30 tests out of the single liquid vial, available on both ThinPrep® and SurePath™
  • Broad molecular testing menu of additional tests also available
  • Innovative molecular tests such as Cervical FISH, which helps identify patients that may be at risk of progressing to severe dysplasia

Superior Pathology Reports
  • Industry leading, innovative diagnostic reports.
  • End of month statistical reports on test activity available

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