Surgical Pathology

PBP offers a broad spectrum of surgical pathology services to present clinicians and their patients with a diagnosis and comprehensive report of abnormal tissue. Our specialties, aside from general surgical pathology, also include breast pathology and endocrine pathology.

Expertise in Surgical Pathology
  • Highly qualified and experienced pathologists focused in surgical pathology, breast pathology and endocrine pathology
  • Interdepartmental review of all unusual and complex cases to confirm diagnosis
  • Implementation of new technologies designed to increase timely and accurate diagnoses

Superior Service
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Pathologists are readily available for physician-to-physician consultations
  • Comprehensive managed care coverage
  • Convenience of specialized breast and endocrine requisitions, patient educational materials and rapid response to inquiries
  • Local and professional courier staff to ensure specimen integrity and safety

Innovative Technologies & Reporting
  • Industry-leading EMR software solutions and interface programs
  • Web ordering and reporting available
  • Proprietary connectivity and reporting IT tools

Advanced Testing
  • Immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry
  • FISH tests for equivocal cases of breast biopsies
  • FNA and cyst aspiration interpretation
  • Further molecular diagnostics offered for indeterminate cases

Superior Pathology Reports
  • Diagnostic reports including a color photomicrograph depicting abnormal cells viewed by the pathologist
  • Electronic reports providing a convenient way to track and view patient cases online

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