About PBP

Market Leadership
Palm Beach Pathology (PBP) was founded by Dr. V. Marklin Johnson, a native Floridian who joined the staff of Good Samaritan Hospital in 1931. Dr. Johnson, who retired in 1983 after serving as Chief of Staff for 18 years, studied with some of the best in the field of pathology, including cytopathology pioneers Dr. George Papanicolaou and Dr. John K. Frost of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. This high science pedigree was at the core of Palm Beach Pathology's early beginnings in 1934 and throughout its evolution. Nearly 80 years later, the modern Palm Beach Pathology has emerged as a leading pathology laboratory serving physicians, hospitals, and surgery centers in many Florida healthcare communities.

Commitment to Delivering Exceptional Healthcare
Our sole focus is the patient. Our passion, better healthcare. We are committed to improving the lives of patients by providing high quality, innovative services and support to our client physicians and their staff. Whether in an inpatient or outpatient setting, our laboratory is organized, equipped and staffed to provide exceptional quality, industry leading turnaround times, and definitive diagnoses with unparalleled customer service.

Academic-Caliber Pathology Services
We provide academic-caliber medical consults and interpretation services through Palm Beach Pathology PA, our affiliated but independent, physician-owned medical practice. Our pathologists are board-certified with expertise in several subspecialty areas and advanced studies and training at major medical universities/hospitals. And because our pathologists are independent in their own self-governed practice, they have the freedom to concentrate on what they were trained: practice laboratory medicine.

Subspecialty Pathology
At PBP we know well that "one size does not fit all" and that many medical specialties have different needs. As a result, in addition to a surgical pathology and cytology offering, we have developed dedicated, highly specialized programs that address the unique subspecialty needs of our clients.

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